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MutiNfine ptp 440

The Chemical Invention: MutiNfine ptp 440

Nature of Invention: The present invention relates to Control, Prevention, and/ or Conditioning of human and/ or animal (host) skin tissue infected by infectious microbes. The invention is a chemical compound called MutiNfine ptp 440. It is a skin care product with anti-microbial and/ or anti-infectious-microbial chemical properties.

The Problem: Human or animal (host) tissue due to its abundant source of metabolic material (food) for microbes is susceptible to attack by pathogenic microorganisms (microbes) such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, prions, and protozoa/ algae. These microbes have the ability to multiply through their own reproductive systems (mutation in viruses). And, if unchecked, these microbes may grow into proportions leaving undesirable host tissue and host conditions such as deformities and diseases such as dermatitis, acne, cholera, ringworms and athletes foot, West Nile and yellow fever, tuberculosis, malaria, Ebola, AIDS, etc., and all the other well-known microbial diseases.

The Solution: The present invention seeks to provide a solution to the afore mentioned problem by creating a chemical compound with the following two active agents;

  1. Providing an antimicrobial (killing) agent that destroys almost instantaneously (in a matter of seconds or within a few minutes) the desensitized (colonized or annexed) tissue housing the infecting microbes, and, also destroys instantaneously the infecting microbes living within the annexed tissue. It is important to note that during this process normal healthy human skin tissue is impenetrable to this killing agent.

  2. After the colonized tissue and microbes are destroyed, the resulting exposed vulnerable healthy host tissue is protected from certain future microbial attack by an anti-infection firewall agent.

These two active agents may conveniently be dissolved into an inactive base (a transfer agent) in amounts and proportions safe and suitable for human and/ or animal (host) tissue applications.

MutiNfine ptp 440 Chemical Composition: The following are the fundamental chemical components of MutiNfine ptp 440.

  1. Antimicrobial Agent: Potassium Hydroxide, and/ or Propylene Glycol, plus other enhancers, all in various proportions.

  2. Anti-infection (Firewall) Agent: Benzethonium Chloride, and/ or Cetrimonium Chloride, and/ or Lauramine Oxide, and/ or Sodium Chloride, and/ or Citric Acid, plus other enhancers, all in various proportions.

  3. Inactive (Transfer) Base: This is any medium consisting of surfactants, and/ or emulsifiers, and/ or preservatives, and/ or tissue dehydrators, and/ or chelating agents, and/ or stabilizers, and/ or viscosifiers (thickeners or thinners), and/ or fragrances, and/ or color additives.


MutiNfine ptp 440 Θ Formulation: MutiNfine ptp 440 is being formulated to deal with all infectious microbes. The theta chemical formulation, a MutiNfine ptp 440 variation called MutiNfine ptp 440 Θ, has been developed to treat conditions brought about by, and eradicate, acne and dermatitis causing microbes. Future chemical variations of MutiNfine ptp 440 applicable to all other infectious microbes are being derived from the knowledge obtained from the Θ chemical formulation.