MutiNfine PTP 440 Θ, Net wt. 8 oz (226 gm)

Purpose: Anti Acne Infection Formula

Basic: Pomegranate & Tangerine (Also available with menthol)


PTP 440 Θ is a therapeutic topical formula specifically designed to penetrate acne infected pores releasing the special active radicals inside the pores killing the infecting acne vulgaris. Healthy skin cells are impenetrable to the active radicals in mutiNfine PTP 440 Θ leaving them unaffected. This later characteristic is beneficial rendering the formula a skin firewall against acne breakouts.

Considering that acne often leads to lack of concentration, anxiety, embarrassment, depression, emotional and physical pain in our lives, use of PTP 440 Θ, therefore, will dramatically help improve our overall self-confidence and quality of life.


MutiNfine PTP 440 Θ for all ages by Laeril Inc. Our gift to you. Use it and enjoy it!


MutiNfine PTP 440 Θ

MutiNfine PTP 440Θ